Abhigra 100 mg Sildenafil 10 tabs

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Abhigra 100 mg Sildenafil 10 tabs


Avigra is used to treat male sexual dysfunction (impotence or erectile dysfunction - ED). The combination of sildenafil and sexual stimulation increases blood flow to the penis, which promotes erection and hardness in men. This medicine does not prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (e.g. HIV, hepatitis B, gonorrhoea, syphilis). Ask your doctor or pharmacist for more information.

Optimal dose for most men.

Avigra works by stimulating blood flow to the genitals, allowing men with erectile dysfunction to achieve an erection. To be effective, it is sufficient to take one Avigra tablet about 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. This medicine is not a permanent treatment for erectile dysfunction, but a way to temporarily overcome the problem and ensure a regular erection.

It is important to determine the most appropriate dose before starting treatment. Usually the recommended doses are 25 and 50 mg. Most patients tolerate these doses well, but some patients require higher concentrations of the active substance. In men, the most common doses of Viagra are 50 mg and 100 mg.



In patients with anatomical abnormalities of the penis (e.g. keratosis, cavernous fibrosis, Peyronie's disease) or diseases that may cause priapism (e.g. sickle cell disease, multiple myeloma, leukaemia), erectile dysfunction drugs containing sildenafil should be used with caution.


Due to its known effects on nitric oxide and cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) (see 5.1), sildenafil has been shown to potentiate the hypotensive effects of nitrates and should not be used with nitric oxide donors (e.g. amyl nitrite) or nitrates in any form.

PDE5 inhibitors, including sildenafil, should not be used in combination with guanylate cyclase stimulants (e.g. riociguat) as they may cause symptomatic hypotension.


·         Avigra 100 mg tablets are herbal dietary supplements traditionally used in India to promote women's health. It is believed to reduce drowsiness and improve concentration. When taken at bedtime, they improve sleep quality and reduce the risk of accidents.

·         The main advantage of Avigra 100Mg tablets for women is that it can improve the quality of sleep. Many women do not get enough sleep because of stress and anxiety. Avigra 100mg tablets can relieve this stress and anxiety, thereby improving sleep quality.

·         Avigra 100 mg tablets are also effective for other conditions such as headaches, anxiety and depression. With the tablets, women can get the benefits they need without surgery or the use of heavy medications.


·         Avigra 100 mg tablets are a unique and effective cancer treatment with many benefits for women. It is especially useful for women at risk of breast cancer. One of the main advantages of Avigra 100 mg tablets is that breast cancer can be prevented before it appears.

This is one of the main advantages of Avigra for women

"Avigra is one of the best generic medicines. If you are familiar with this brand, you will not be surprised by the low price of the tablets. This price is quite justified, because when you buy a generic product, you do not pay much for the generic name, but only for the product itself.

Buying online can save you even more money as you do not have to maintain expensive offline stores and prices can be low. Regular or special delivery services allow you to continue your Viagra treatment without breaking the budget. Generic Viagra is chosen by thousands of men who value their sex life and don't want to waste money.


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